transforming governance, risk and compliance

  • Expert advice for organizations seeking to cut through the noise and integrate risk as an enabler for business strategy
  • Innovative risk-based approach to optimize governance and operating models
  • Tailored solutions to address unique governance, risk and compliance (GRC) needs


  • 20+ years of experience in Canadian financial services industry
  • Extensive expertise in all three lines of defence: front-line business, compliance, governance & controls, risk management, internal audit
  • Established partnerships with financial industry stakeholders and regulators


  • Demystifying regulation to uncover business impacts
  • Balanced approach to proactively integrate risk mitigation with business objectives
  • Systematic methodology to strengthen the effectiveness of governance, risk and compliance frameworks


  • Innovative thought leadership to enhance risk framework and internal controls
  • Technology enablement to automate, strengthen and simplify processes and controls
  • Tailored strategic solutions ’right-sized’ to fit your organization’s risk appetite
  • Internal Audit: evaluate and enhance new or established internal audit functions, including strategy, methodology, resourcing, and technology.
  • Program Risk Management: oversee the design, delivery and sustainability phases of critical and complex programs and change initiatives to achieve desired outcomes.
  • External Review Management: provide independent oversight of external regulatory reviews and audits, including executive interview preparation and pre-submission review of artifacts.
  • Operational Risk Management: streamline fragmented risk processes, controls and oversight, and implement an optimal three lines of defence model.
  • Enterprise GRC Enablement: transform enterprise risk management efforts through meaningful integration and automation of governance, risk and compliance programs and processes.
  • Third-Party Risk: develop new and strengthen existing framework, processes and controls for on-going governance of third-party relationships.
  • Compliance Transformation: transform compliance function and navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape with a proactive and integrated compliance framework, regulatory change management and risk assessment processes and controls.
  • Remediation: address gaps to comply with regulatory requirements, including anti-money laundering (AML/ATF), anti-bribery/anti-corruption, fraud, whistleblowing, etc.
  • Sales Practices & Conduct: launch/strengthen oversight with programs to identify, monitor and manage misconduct, enabling a strong culture to help restore trust.

Examples of Our Successes

Extensive Experience in Building New Risk Frameworks

  • Successfully built and led multiple new 2nd line of defence functions, including sales practices & conduct and third-party risk management to improve governance and oversight models, aligned with regulatory expectations and leading practices.
  • Introduced continuous auditing & monitoring for retail banking through alignment of internal audit, risk management and compliance mandates, resulting in reduction in duplicative testing and minimizing business disruption.

Innovative Thought Leadership - Challenging Status Quo​

  • Provided strategic leadership to launch a comprehensive regulatory compliance management (RCM) framework, regulatory library, policy, processes, and controls.
  • Introduced integrated auditing methodology, an end-to-end audit of a product or process, designed to capture risks typically not in scope of traditional business audits.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive independent assessment model for outsourced service providers to strengthen third-party risk oversight.

Leveraging Technology as a Competitive Advantage

  • Introduced machine learning model to transform complaints oversight, which enabled proactive identification of potential regulatory issues and improved client experience.
  • Led the RCM design and implementation in enterprise GRC tool and aligned risk stakeholders on foundational risk assessment elements and methodology.
  • Enhanced and automated risk assessment methodologies for compliance, third-party risk and internal audit, addressing expectations of global bank regulators.

About Us



Tina Mithra is a dynamic and driven banking executive with over 20 years of progressive leadership experience in the Canadian financial services industry. She has extensive expertise in all three lines of defence, including front-line business, compliance, risk management, governance and controls, and internal audit.

As a transformational leader, Tina has a solid track record of successfully integrating business objectives and risk mitigation through innovative thought leadership. She is a visionary and progressive change agent with the proven ability to rally diverse stakeholder groups to support a shared directive.

Senior Leadership Roles

  • VP, Retail Banking & Enterprise-wide Compliance at a major Canadian bank
  • Built and led a newly created 2nd line of defence function to oversee and govern third-party risk across the enterprise
  • Provided strategic leadership to strengthen and streamline governance & controls (1B line of defence) function for retail banking
  • Led the Retail & Small Business and Risk Management internal audit portfolios

Noteworthy Credentials

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA)
  • Accredited Outsourcing Practitioner
  • Certified Internal Auditor
  • Certification in Risk Management Assurance

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